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Jennica Lynn – Jennica’s Island Getaway

Jennica’s Island Getaway

Jennica's Island Getaway

Tropical islands are hot. Fashionable Jennica Lynn is hotter. Coming in out of the heat, Jennica enters her bedroom and puts on a brandish for you, making the room hotter than her terrace. Jennica knows how to suit her jaw-dropping M-cups in low-cut tops and once once more she’s picked out the right one. Jennica’s wazoo is wrapped in skin-tight jeggings, a gazoo made to rub, spank and kiss. Swedish girls are often thought of as being lanky, small and golden-haired with petite boobs. Jennica is the complete opposite of this stereotype.

“I was always the bustiest girl in school when I was growing up,” told Jennica. “Now I’ve M-cups. In the United Kingdom, they would be Double-J. I guess I was a D-cup for the first time when I was about 14. I suppose I was about a G at 18. I suppose it was smth love that.”

After Jennica’s show, this babe checks out a few bras. That babe must have a difficult time finding them. “They have stores in UK where I can truly buy bras that fit off the rack!” UK is the home of large natural mangos!

Jennica Lynn: a very special cutie with a very special body and extra-special bra-busters.

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Daphne Rosen – Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

This is a SCORE case taken from the real life files of Dr. Daphne Rosen, sexologist and mega-chesty SCORE superstar. Carlos and his wife have made an appointment with Daphne to try to correct an imbalance in their marriage. You see, Carlos wants to shag his wife’s butthole. That babe thinks it’s immodest and repulsive and doesn’t wanna let him stick it in her arse. Dr. Rosen tries to show her that arse stab can be pleasurable and erotic but the wife refuses to listen and stamps out in a huff. Dr. Rosen thoughtfully takes the hubby by the hand and leads him into her intimate chambers. Since the session was paid for, Dr. Rosen will fulfill her obligation as a raunchy educator and train a distraught Carlos how to properly screw his wife’s booty. This babe removes his pants and gives him a oral-stimulation, using his haunch as a boob-shelf. One of the things that unveils Daphne’s magnificent sex talent is her oral ability. That babe uses plenty of oozing face hole juice and that babe sucks the shaft all the way down her mouth. She’s not a head-sucker, a cutie who only sucks the 1st inch of rod. She also knows the valuable value of slobbering her drool on a hard pecker. More angels of each size and shape acquire to study Daphne’s cocksucking skills and copy her. When it’s time for booty entry, Daphne has Carlos screw her butt during the time that she lays on her back. Disciplined sexologists such as Daphne call this the mission-assy position. It likewise allows a great look at of the girl’s twat. To add more sweetener to the fudgepacking, Daphne displays Carlos how she massages and stimulates her bald, lubed wet crack whilst this chab pumps his tool in and out of her tush-tunnel. Will Carlos be skillful to use his newly acquired ass-drilling skills to tempt his wife into ass-fucking and save his marriage? Who the fuck cares? Everyone just urges to see Daphne take it up the arse, ’cause SCORE Studs like her and at not time tire of the sight. Stay tuned for more adventures of Dr. Daphne Rosen, PhD, SCORE Sexologist.

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Suzumi Wilder – Busty Blonde Beauty

Big boobed Golden-haired Hotty

Busty Golden-haired Looker

Say greetings to Suzumi Wilder, a Big-Boob blonde hotty who hails from South Carolina. Though u would not guess it, Suzumi is truly an kooky gamer and has a mild addiction to role playing games adore World of Warcraft and Final Dream. We’ve a not many role playing games in mind for Suzumi and her enormous 44DDD titties, but we’ll save that for one more day.

Watching porn is another one of Suzumi’s favorite pastimes. This, in addition to her fair skin, blonde hair and heavy love bubbles leaves her right at home among her fresh XL Girls sisters.

“I check out porn all the time,” Suzumi said. “Of course, that means I masturbate a lot. If I am going for a quickie, I will use an egg vibrator on my clit and work up to a quick climax while thinking about being fucked stiff.”

Suzumi, 23, did not acquire to await long for the beef when she ventured to Miami and our hallowed halls of pointer sisters. She filmed one of our hottest hardcore scenes of the year with one of our most-hung males, and we’ll be posting it in a short time. Be on the look out for it.

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Aimee Jackson – Aimee’s Oily Bod

Aimee’s Oily Bod

Aimee's Oily Bod

Things always receive a bit steamy and sticky when a beauty like Aimee Jackson is around. This big breasted lovely heart from Kansas City is a licensed rubdown therapist who says she’s addicted to touch. She’s accustomed to firmly but gently fondelling oil into the bodies of her patrons to relieve their stress, but this day, Aimee gets to treat herself to a unfathomable tissue rub-down. After a long day of shooting, Aimee bathes her enormous H-cup naturals in baby oil and u can feel her growing more aroused.

“Playing with my mammaries is one of the topmost ways to acquire me slutty,” this babe told. “I love when a Lothario sucks on my boobs and nibbles on my nipps. I acquire lascivious thinking about it.”

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Aimee Jackson – New Discovery

Recent Discovery

New Discovery

XL Chaps, our latest discovery is also the gal of our stickiest juicy fantasies. Her name is Aimee Jackson, and that babe is a 27-year mature massage therapist from Kansas Town, Missouri. Missouri is also known as the “Show Me State,” making it the ideal place for Aimee to call home ‘coz we couldn’t be happier that Aimee is here showing us her 34H-cup boobs.

“I identify the attention I receive because of my melons pleasure,” Aimee told us. “If I catch guys, and sometimes angels, staring too lengthy I’ll clench one of my fists and go below my love bubbles to intentionally bounce ‘em. I always receive a great reaction.”

If the reaction is anything less than a standing ovation, we’ll have to give the citizens of Kansas Town credit for their restraint.

This is Aimee’s first time doing glamour modeling of any kind, but this babe is a natural in front of the digi camera. Her bright smile lit up the bedroom we discharged this photo set in, and this babe is as raunchy and fleshly as any cutie we’ve shot.

“I’ve always been a truly sexual person,” Aimee told. “I think that’s why I got into massage therapy. I love bodies–men and women–and working with them and the oils is plenty of pleasure for me. I’ve been told I’ve an amazing touch.”

It must feel adore being touched by a big-boobed goddess.

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Tigerr Benson – Double Penetration Double Vagina

Dual Penetration Double Pussy

Double Penetration Double Vagina

That babe is super-busty and that babe has a hawt body. That babe is charming. She is bright. She’s an exotic Asian Brit with a sexy British accent. This babe is got a wild appetite for nasty sex and a very bawdy mind. This babe is got it all.

She’s Tigerr Benson.

And this time, Tigerr receives taken by two in a very rude double-penetration, uncommon double-vagina. Or does Tigerr take ‘em?

We talked to Tigerr (covergirl of the upcoming Holiday ’14 SCORE mag) about this 3some.

SCORE: Tigerr, What do you like better: one-on-one sex, a 2 lad trio, or a lad and angel three-some? And why do you adore it more admirable? Tell us about that.

Tigerr: Mmmm, well, it is changed for me. I seem to have got more greedy so I prefer males all to myself. Maybe I’ll try a 3 gent foursome one day. I wanna watch how that feels, each of my holes filled at the same time. I remember my 1st DP. I was so nervous and it felt so strange but so wonderful. But it would have to be three boys that are actually hot for me. [Laughs] I like attention.

SCORE: What do u enjoy about double penetration? Do you cum harder than through vaginal orgasms alone?

Tigerr: A little “sexcret.” I indeed started liking anal more than vaginal but feeling another lad filling me as well as a lad in my arse is super sexy for me. I do cum harder ‘coz it seems dirtier. I have a smutty mind and sometimes it makes me cum more than what’s happening in my holes.

SCORE: When did u 1st kick off having anal dance and Double penetrations?

Tigerr: I suppose my 1st anal was when I was really youthful. But my first boyfriends were Chinese so…er…not actually bigger than average. It was not painful. Dual Penetration…I merely had my first last year. Actually I do not really receive many requests for Dual Penetration but I not ever say no.

SCORE: In your private life, u most like sex with two bucks?

Tigerr: No, not indeed, cuz it is just not quite impossible to identify 2 lads that will crave to receive that close to each other. [Laughs] It is unbending sufficient to find one lad that can give me what I crave. [Laughs]

SCORE: How should a fellow handle your bumpers? Hard engulfing or velvety? Coarse or gentle?

Tigerr: A bit of one as well as the other. I like variation. When it is ardent I adore to be treated coarse. I adore to feel the full vigour of an alpha male.

SCORE: Do the boyz you meet spend tons of time sucking and banging your mellons?

Tigerr: Mmm, some do. Some just engulf my mambos, much more than rogering my bouncy bosoms. They cannot keep their hands off ‘em majority of the time. They feel quite squashy even though they are bigger than standard.

SCORE: When you are making movie scenes, is sex more gripping than sex in private?

Tigerr: Definitely. I have always liked being watched and the attention. My ex used to acquire off watching me with other chaps so I liked performing for him. It was sexy knowing this chab was watching me, knowing he was jealous cuz this chab did not have such a large weenie and seeing me appreciating it.

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Billie Austin – Billie’s Big Bang

Billie’s Bigger in size than run of the mill Group action

Billie's Big Bang

XL soldiers, stand at attention for Billie Austin’s first XL Girls hardcore scene. She’ll polish the helmet of Tony’s meat-thermometer real worthwhile. This is the true meaning of spit and shine.

They called U.S. Marine veteran Billie Austin a “bubble chaser” when that babe was a helicopter mechanic in the Corps. That’s a tech who, amongst her many duties, looks for bubbles in the hydraulic lines of a chopper. Her official job description was “Aviation Hydraulics Mechanic.” Now Billie’s loving the porny life.

This day it’s reversed. Bubble chasers are the studs chasing Billie to get their hands on her large bubbles and her big bubble a-hole! Yeah, baby.

How did we detect Billie?

“My partner is a larger than standard fan of the SCORE Group and that petticoat chaser suggested I should submit images. I’m very fortunate this chab is so supportive of me!”

What gets Billie off?

“A precious aggressive roll in the hay where I receive a precious pounding on my G-spot until I squirt adore a geyser.”

It’s time to let Billie make your rods stand at attention. She likes jarheads.

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Scarlett Monroe – Juicy Fruits & Boobs

Damp Fruits & Pointer sisters

Juicy Fruits & Boobs

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and during the time that we won’t dispute that claim, here at XL Angels, we love to receive daily servings of Vitamin B. Of course, these vitamins are bumpers and booty, and Scarlett Monroe has the one and the other those assets in spades.

Scarlett is precisely what comes to mind when u think of what an XL Hotty should be. That babe flashes a bright smile that lights up any room she saunters into, that babe boasts a couple of 34DD cup naturals perfect for motor boats and tit screws, and her healthy curves and childbearing hips are absolutely mouth-watering.

“I adore the attention I receive,” Scarlett told us. “When I was younger, it would trouble me, but now I embrace it. Now I think if somebody wishes to stare at me–at my zeppelins in particular–go right ahead. They’re there and they’re alluring.

We couldn’t agree more. Take a gander at Scarlett’s latest fotos and then inspect her movie scene. Scarlett’s bod and mammaries are as ripe and palatable as ever.

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Natalie Fiore – Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie's Anatomy Lesson

The scholar body is in total awe of Miss Natalie Fiore. That babe continues to teach in her classroom when this babe should be getting ready to make her imminent particular delivery. That’s dedication to all XL Men.

The principal has given Natalie Fiore carte blanche to suit as she pleases. This dude is a tit-man also, and Natalie is not about to give up her very low-cut tops that flaunt acres of warm, downy deep cleavage made to suck a lucky man’s face or weenie.

The lesson plan this day is all about Natalie’s body, her unfuckingbelievably titanic zeppelins, her enchanting pussy-hole and sex education in general. It is a practical lesson plan. Natalie will be demonstrating everything on her desk. That babe wants her students to know anything and what more priceless way than to use her own outstanding anatomy.

It was no surprise that when the class ended, half the students offered to carry her briefcase and the other half loitered in the room so they could sniff the desk after she left. Everyone went home to jack to thoughts of Miss Fiore.

Class dismissed.

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