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Kali West – The Breast Of Kali West 1

The Breast Of Kali West 1

The Breast Of Kali West 1

Is the office the proper place for a woman employee to engage in screwing and mouthing on the company’s dime? It is for SCORE and for Kali West in this early scene. This set was shot in advance of Kali went on to star in Mamazon The Episode as one of six concupiscent jungle beauties and prior to her appearance as a guest on the all-hardcore SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored. It’s bad enough that office employees in every sector check out porn in the office. Now they have sex in the office likewise!

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Kelli Maxx – Maxximum Tits

Maxximum Tits

Maxximum Tits

What makes Kelli Maxx supplementary sexually excited?
Kelli: “Massages. Getting a dude or a female to squeeze my bum or upper thighs immediately turns me on.”

What was the most priceless and the worst compliments you have heard?
Kelli: “I receive nice-looking compliments all the time. I cant just pick one. The worst is when I receive told I’m handsome ‘for a large goddess.’ C’mon! Weight doesn’t define cutie, bucks!”

What’s the best thing for a boy to do in your company?
Kelli: “Make me chuckle hysterically and treat me with respect.”

What are your foremost personal traits?
Kelli: “Definitely my humor, I suppose I’m glamorous funny and I suppose I do a priceless job of making my friends giggle. Physically…well, the obvious, my milk cans and my eyes.”

U see a chap and you are attracted to him. What happens?

Kelli: “I’m so timid I’ll keep staring until this guy comes over to me! If he doesn’t, well, I’ll strut my buxom body over to him!”

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Bailey Santanna – Special Tits & Tugs

Particular Marangos & Tugs

Special Bazookas & Tugs

U could say this scene featuring the always sweet Bailey Santanna is one she was tailor made for. In advance of this babe returned to shoot with us in 2008–she originally debuted at 23 in 2002–Bailey studied fashion design at the West Coast Fashion School. In this now-classic scene, she’s the bustiest seamstress on the planet. With her funbags pouring with out her overmatched top, Juan Largo walks into her shop and asks if that babe can aid him with his inseam, which is a bit constricted in the crotch. She can do much more than that.

“Looks love you need a little work done down there,” Bailey says, eyeing his crotch. “I’m going to need to measure your inseam if that is ok.”

Bailey realizes that the reason the inseam is so taut in the crotch area is because Juan’s schlong is so greater than average. This isn’t a problem Bailey comes across too often, but that babe knows just what to do in this situation.

“I’m just intend to work on this a little bit so I can acquire a indeed accurate measurement,” this babe says with her hand holding onto Juan’s humongous ramrod. “We don’t wanna make your trousers too miniature, you know.”

Bailey’s services begin with a cook jerking. This babe starts with one, but Juan’s dick is so big she’s soon using two.

“I think I may need a third hand for this one,” she says. “It just keeps growing.”

When Juan’s jock is fine and rock hard, Bailey places it betwixt her enormous naturals for a tit-fuck, smothering his stupendous meat. Eventually, they move over to the couch–Bailey laying down and Juan on top–for some other tit-fuck. U can barely see his knob when it is rammed in between Bailey’s heavy hangers and this babe tugs harder and harder as Juan inches closer to blowing his cock juice. When that lady-killer does finally blow his cum, this man bastes her marangos with a flood of juice.

Juan came in for his inseam, but it’s Bailey who’s left covered in cock juice.

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Trisha Banks – One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder

The XLGirls team trekked to Canada accompanied by porn ladies man Tony to hook up with the blond bombshell Trisha Banks for her one and merely hardcore scene. We loathe when that happens. It’s a rotten shame ‘coz Trisha could have written her own ticket.

Trisha loves “naughty, intense sex.” Tony gave it to her. On the bright side, this was a very successful shag collision thank u to the talents and sexual energy of this couple’s only butt call. “I love being with a man who is indeed greater than average,” Trisha said in a short interview previous to the digital camera rolled. “I always view a man’s package if I am interested in him. Tony’s looks very, very thick.”

Born May Thirty one, Trisha Banks is 5’7″, 165 pounds, 42-30-38 and wears 38F bras. This babe was a Personal Assistant at the time and a semi-amateur adult model. Her hobbies are playing with her dogs, hawt garments shopping and exercising.

“When I am home, I’m usually stripped,” says Trisha. “Totally bare. I’m very erotic so I need a Lothario who can handle me in the bedroom and is very comfortable with sex.”

“I have lots of fantasies,” says one of Canada’s majority marvelous citizens. “But I have never made a porn thing with anyone in advance of and looked into a digi camera during the time that I had sex with a stranger. I enjoyed fucking him.”

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Marille – Marille’s Big Titty Ramrodding

Marille’s Large Titty Ramrodding

Marille's Greater than run of the mill Titty Ramrodding

Mr. Voluptuous Magazine Lothario has left the Hollywood scene and fled to Prague–which some say is Europe’s majority swinging town. And that’s where our hero meets Marille, a damp and stacked youthful lady with real buckin’ hangers and a gorgeous face. Marille’s soft-spoken and polite, but if this gent desires to shag her, Mr. V. is gonna acquire to loosen the death-grip on his wallet. Marille’s English is wonderful. That babe wears a low-cut top to advertise her goods. They make bigger than standard wobblers over her strappy suit. Who could resist?

It is similar to hiring a fitness instructor except the jock receives stretched instead of the calf muscles. Mr. V. is very polite. This chap prefaces every request with “May I?” Life is so much easier and gratifying since this charmer avoided playing the field and started seeing professionals.

Marille worships his rod with her soaked mouth for a wonderful amount of time. She’s in no hurry to move on. From the pont of time Mr. V. penetrates her taut Czech muff with his screw chisel, her attractive fur pie is sopping luscious. Marille is a companion who enjoys being drilled inflexible by sex-crazed fellows. Mr. V. can tell that and drills her 10-Pounder gap as unyielding as he can.

Marille rides his dong with grinding intensity, soaking his schlong with her oozing cookie juices. Part of their deal is her agreement to let him squirt his knob fluid on her new, quivering milk cans. His aim is off and her open face hole catches some of the cream which she swallows like a admirable cutie. Mr. V. has learned firsthand why Marille is so popular. This gent suspected as much in advance of his pants came off. Marille’s phone number will be at the top of his call-back list.

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Suzumi Wilder – Grand Theft Anal

Grand Theft Anal

Grand Theft Anal

Fans of Suzumi Wilder have been patiently expecting for their favorite Big-Boob gamer girl’s hardcore initial appearance, and we’re happy to announce that your expect is over. And, lad, did this chick deliver. Rocky, our hung cocksman, not solely popped her hardcore cherry, this buck popped her anal cherry, too! We shouldn’t be also surprised that 44DDD Suzumi let it all hang out, though. She told us how much of a freak this babe was in her solo launch in August.

“I observe porn all the time,” Suzumi said. “Of course, that is supposed to mean I masturbate a lot. If I’m going for a quickie, I will use an egg sex-toy on my clitoris and work up to a quick big O whilst thinking about being screwed stiff.”

That is our type of beauty. Of course, with a lad love Rocky, Suzumi didn’t need her bunny to hit numerous climaxes. Especially not after Rocky rammed her gazoo with his colossal piece of man-meat. We’re sure Suzumi won’t forget her first time.

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Kimmie Kaboom – Make Room For Kaboom

Make Room For Kaboom

Make Room For Kaboom

Kimmie Kaboom made a big kaboom here at XL Beauties. Seeing is believing.

Brassiere shopping is an adventure for Kimmie. This babe wears 42H cup holders. “I have not at any time been able to buy bras off the rack,” says Kimmie. “I usually wear a brassiere when I am out and about, but hardly ever at home.”

Kimmie is the wife of an XL Girls fan. He encouraged Kimmie to send her at-home snaps to our staff. This is a new (and very welcome) trend. Back in 1999, when XL Beauties first took a bow, this not quite not at all happened.

Like any healthy, young lady, Kimmie enjoys plenty of sex and likes to make it adventurous and thrilling.

“I once had sex with a hubby in his abode during the time that his wife was home. I know…bad hotty! One more time, I had sex one evening at Bed, Baths & Beyond’s parking lot while they were open. My boyfriend and I go out at least once a week to dinner or a episode or we lock ourselves in our bedroom for a sex marathon.”

Kimmie has it all. XL Cuties is happy to have her in our bastion of large breasts!

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Cat Bangles – The Rack Shop

The Rack Shop

The Rack Shop

If you know of a store clerk who appears love Cat Bangles and has a rack love Cat has, let us know. But we’ll wager there are none.

She closes shop and locks the door so she can flaunt u how she acquires her kitty purring.

Cat’s breast growth spurt changed her life.

“I was Eighteen. I was a late bloomer. I did not receive those bad girls until I was about Eighteen. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had large billibongs and valuable little bodies and asses, and I still wasn’t there yet. But when my bazookas came in, they just blew up. Now I can not watch my feet if I am standing str8 up. I must bend over. And I love to bow over.”

Bending over is a worthy habit.

Now Cat probably has the colossal mangos with out all of her girlfriends.

A recent Cat boy-girl scene is coming in a short time. This one is anal, the Bostonian bombshell’s first at SCORELAND.

Thank’s, Cat!

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Rachel Rocketts – Superbusty Pussy Fun

Superbusty Pussy Pleasure

Superbusty Snatch Fun

During the classic SCORE years of giant hair and king-size mellons in the large ’90s, Candy Cantaloupes was one of the larger than average names on the super-boobed disrobe club circuit, appearing in strip clubs like Flashdancers and Fresh York Dolls.

Candy Cantaloupes was one of the most popular of the ’90s supersized SCORE Girls and anybody with one of the shortest careers. The 1st place she ever danced in was the Cheetah I club in Phoenix, Arizona. “When I auditioned, I was also scared to take my hands off my scones,” Candy said a SCORE editor.

Candy was done with stripping and adult modeling very quickly and supposedly enrolled in a high-school in New York to study biology. Or so the urban legend goes.

Rachel Rocketts is a five-time SCORE magazine and Boob Cruise ’98 model and exotic dancer from Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to other SCORE editions, Rachel was likewise in the October ’95, October ’96 with Candy Cantaloupes and November ’98 editions. She sailed on Boob Cruise 1998 which was the monumental of all five and that babe was very popular.

In 1999, Rachel started a strippergram service in the Detroit area called “Bunnies.” I endevoured to interview Rachel about her recent career move, but, aside from one preliminary phone call, I not at all connected with her again. This babe not at all called me back so I moved on.

All I knew was that this babe occasionally danced at a club called La Chambre in Detroit, Michigan. Her attempt at a web resource shortly ended (the URL ultimately picked up by a cyber-squatter in Canada) and her fan mailing address closed down.

Then in July, 2013, SCORE reader R.J. sent me a surprise email. He met Rachel Rocketts and this babe was still stripping.

“It was a place called Bouzouki in downtown Detroit numerous blocks from Ford Field and Comerica Park. I sauntered in and that babe just now caught my eye. I asked her for dances and that babe introduced herself as Rachel Rocketts, which sounded familiar but I was not sure. I named off a few busty entertainers I’ve met and she knew several of them. She did great dances. Love bubbles looked pretty much the same. This babe had blonde highlights. Very marvelous mistresse. She told she worked there on weekends of Tigers games.”

Rachel and I texted a hardly any times (that babe gave R.J. her number to give to me) and I debated myself about asking Rachel if she wanted to model afresh. The side that did not desire to talk to her about glamour modeling again won, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that if a angel indeed wants to model, that babe will contact us herself. Lots of former glamour models do exactly that. So I felt that Rachel was content sufficient to do her thing at Bouzouki.

Anyway, it is fine to know that Rachel’s still showing her goodies since so many of the original SCORE Angels have retired.

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